09 Sep Would you vote for elegant cleaning uniforms or standard work clothes?

If you run a cleaning business, you might wonder if you should have a uniform or standard work clothing. There are a lot of pros and cons for each of these clothing options. It is important that you know what these pros and cons are before you make any decisions.

Looking Professional in Cleaning Uniforms

The best cleaning uniforms that you can use for a cleaning business will vary depending on what you want. Regardless of the overall visual of the uniform, the fact that you have one will make your business appear more professional. Having a uniform will make you appear more established and potential clients will view you as a more organised company.

Of course, the design of your uniform will impact the professionalism it offers. If the design is too bold, your business would benefit more from standard work clothes. Standard work clothing can create a uniform through rules on what can and cannot be worn. You should set a policy that all cleaners have to wear black trousers and a blue shirt.

A Sense Of Unity

Sports teams and schools have uniforms for many reasons and a sense of unity is one of them. This is something that you can instil in our business when you have a uniform. Everyone who wears the uniform is on a level field and this promotes a sense of belonging.

There are some people who feel this sense of unity can be provided with standard work clothing. However, there is some flexibility on offer with work clothing. One person could be wearing clothing that is much better than someone else or in a different style. While this may seem like a small issue, it can spiral out of control.

Cleaner Productivity

When someone is wearing a uniform, it reminds them that they are at work and that they need to work. This constant subconscious reminder will improve productivity which is good for your business. It also provides people with a sense of accountability.

When cleaners are in standard work clothing, they may not have the reminder of being at work. Of course, this will vary depending on the work clothing policy you have in place. Productivity might be hampered with this workwear because people are concerned about spilling anything on it.

Your Cleaning Company Branding

One of the reasons why many businesses have a uniform is to create a company brand. This is particularly important in customer-facing businesses such as cleaning companies. When you have a uniform that is specific to your business, people will know that you are on site.

Building a company brand is harder with standard work clothing. As there is limited uniformity, it is impossible for people to instantly determine that the cleaners work for your company. It is also possible that the clothing can be mistaken for a completely different company.

Choosing between a uniform or standard work clothing for your cleaning company can be a challenge. Before you make any decisions, you should speak with your staff and find out what they think. They might be able to help you make this decision.

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01 Feb Why Should The Youth Vote?

Although it is pretty widely known that most of the youth do not vote, their importance cannot be understated since what they have to say matters a lot. This is also reflected in the fact that most of the key issues that are raised during the elections are brought to the fore by people between the ages 18 to 29. It is believed that half of the voter population consist of millennials. Let us look at why it is important for the youth to start voting more.

1. Each and every vote is valuable
A very popular reason among the youth is that they feel as though their vote doesn't count and cite this as a strong reason as to why they do not vote. But what they do not account for is the fact that the youth constitute among the largest voting groups.
2. The Great Recession
The Great Recession that took course in the late 2000s caused many young voters to lose jobs and as a result not be able to pay off their college loans on time. Although the unemployment rates among the millennials have improved, they still haven't found a footing when it comes to having policies made according to their needs. This can only be achieved if they start voting and take decisions into their own hands.
3. The diversity
There is so much diversity among the youth that many feel like the two-party system in America will soon be challenged in order to accommodate said variety. This is to be more inclusive as liberals of the modern age find it hard to relate with Democrats. In fact, a huge percentage of the youth have connected better with independent politics rather than relate themselves with democrats or republican. This has happened in three different elections.
4. The ease
Such is the state of the world we live in that it is technically impossible to not form political views since your mobile phone, TV and other devices keep alerting you with updates. The candidates have also realized this and have started their own presence on social media websites to keep supporters up to date. This could even be extremely important messages. The social media platforms also help them form a different approach.

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