Politicians have let us down. It’s time for a change.

We’ve all heard about Duck Houses and second jobs. But the only way we’re going to make politicans understand their responsibilities to the people they represent is to make them more accountable at elections. It’s time to kick out the antiquated First-Past-the-Post voting system that has allowed them to get away with so much and bring in a new style of elections where every single vote counts.

The majority of the people in this country don’t have a politican who represents them, while the majority of our politicians are handed jobs for life our safe seats. It’s time for that all to change.

We started our campaign calling for a referendum.

The politicians failed us once again, and now we’re set on delviering a Hung Parliament. Find out more on our FAQ

The campaign so far…


Last July our campaign launched with a Rally for Change at Westminster attended by hundreds of activists from around the country. High profile support (and entertainment!) was provided by Billy Bragg, KT Tunstall and Dave Rowntree.

As the expenses scandal rumbled on it became clear that MPs were not only abusing their allowances, but taking their positions for granted by taking up lucrative second jobs. On behalf of voters everywhere we made our feelings clear by projecting our message where MPs couldn’t miss it – on Big Ben.

MPs have been riding the Westminster gravy train for years and so, as the great and the good met for the autumn’s party conference season, we took our very own Gravy Train ‘Gilbert’ along to offer disgraced MPs a ride.

From Brighton to Manchester, we were there to make sure the politicians knew voters wouldn’t accept a return to ‘business as usual’. Only a referendum on electoral reform can restore faith to our broken democracy.

In honour of Sir Peter Viggers, perhaps the most infamous abuser of the expenses system, we floated a Duck House down the Thames.

Then on Guy Fawkes night, with a little help from seasoned political activist Peter Tatchell, dozens of Vote for a Change zombies descended on Westminster for our Parliament of the Living Dead protest.

Amongst the light hearted we’ve also had serious debate, gathering pro and anti reformers in the same room – often making for heated conversations!  At one meeting Tory MP Douglas Carswell, a convert to voting reform, went so far as to describe Parliament as a ‘self-serving, indolent, cesspit of an institution’’. You can read what Daniel Kawczynski, a stalwart defender of the status quo, had to say about that here:

And we’ve taken our message right to the heart of power in Westminster. Thanks to the collective pressure from thousands of our supporters our campaign was granted a meeting at No. 10 with Brown to make the case for electoral reform. Hear what our Campaign Director, Willie Sullivan, had to say when he came out of that meeting: